Thursday, May 17, 2012

Murray Cotton Shop Jelly Roll 1600 Race

Have you heard of a Jelly Roll Race? How fast can YOU sew? The fastest time will get a prize!
The concept is by using one jelly roll, sewing strips end to end, you start to create a quilt that is about 48" x 64". Come join us for our Murray Cotton Shop Jelly Roll 1600 Race on June 23rd at 2 pm. We have tons of jelly rolls for you to purchase - but you need to ask for them at the front desk since they have been secreted away for this fun event.

What to bring:
extension cord
working sewing machine with at least 4-5 bobbins already wound
1 Jelly Roll or 42 strips of fabric that measure 2.5" x width of fabric (do NOT sew strips together yet)


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