Monday, February 22, 2010


I just wanted to let everyone know that the new classroom was a success and we are so excited to have new and great things happening for The Cotton Shop. Thanks to all who helped from beginning to end with painting to supporting my ideas, to coming and visiting us on Saturday. Thanks to Terry and Lindy for supporting my idea and allowing me to go forward. On to great things and new friendships with this classroom. It will allow us to create, design, inspire and accomplish our projects. Happy Day!!!!!!

New Classroom Before and After

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Classroom

I can't believe it is here already. We have been busy at getting this classroom already and we are so excited that it is finally done. The open house is tomorrow at 10-6. Come and sign-up for classes and win a prize. There will also be a drawing for a gift certificate. The possibilities that this classroom has opened up for us is so exciting. It means we can better serve each of you in classes you would like. Come and put in your suggestions and don't forget there will be treats. Happy Day!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Open House

It is almost time for our new classroom open house. We have been working on the classroom besides organizing classes and teachers. We will have class sign-ups, refreshments and displays for you to check-out. Also we will have a class suggestion box for all those great ideas and classes you would like. We love your input and value our customers. So to be the best we can be we want your input. Can't forget there will also be giveaways, and a draw for a gift certificate. Don't forget to come on Saturday the 20th from 10-6. Just follow the signs and balloons. Happy Day!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Tomorrow starts the weekend of savings for the Presidents Day sales. Also put on your calendar that next week is the open house for our new classroom. We will have refreshments and class displays and sign-ups. It will be alot of fun. So come join us. We also will be announcing our next drawing and contest. How fun is that. Happy Day!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Presidents Day Sales

Friday Sales:
• Any Olfa Blade 60% off
• Name Brand Quilting prints 25%off yd
• Juvenile prints 25% off
• 95”x12oz roll batting $3.59 yd
• All Flat Fold Fabric 25% off sale items exempt
• Schmetz needles 30% off
Saturday Sales:
• Scissors Sharpened 10 cents Sat. and Mon. only
• Star Merc Quilting Thread 40% Off
• All Flannel 20% off
• Flat lace trims 40%off
• Bulk Ribbons 50% off
• Canned Air 50% off
• Character Flannel special group $1.78yd
Monday Sales:
• Embroidery Thread 1100yd 50% off
• Omega Thread 4/10.97
• White Muslin 99 cents limit 10 yds.
• Specialty threads Wooly nylon, pearl crown 40% off
• Tricot and Tricot sheers 108” 25% off
• Nordic Fleece 60% off
• Mundial Scissors 50%
Quilt Batting all three days 25% off

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fabric Fabric

O' yes we have fabric coming out of our ears. We have designer lines from Moda, Henry Glass, Blue Hill, Riley Blake and a ton of blenders in every style and color possible for those quilting needs. Also we have received some 60' knits that are dirt cheap for all those fun projects, like pajamas. We still have great prices on fleece and a really good selection to. We have denim, 60' plaid flannel and a clearance table with patterns and so much more. Come check it out we are just busting at the seams.
I can't forget we got the Sashiko from babylock that is the neatest machine. It is a hand stitching quilting machine. O the possibilities that you can do with this. Come in and see some of the great project ideas.
The classroom is all painted and being decorated, getting ready for the open house on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th in February (times will follow). Happy sewing to all and all!!!!