Monday, February 28, 2011

Supply List for Cupcake Quilt

You Will Need 1/2 yard of 5 different fabrics
these are the ones I chose.

1/2 yard if the brown. this is used for the cupcake papers.
You will need a 1/8 yd of a plain cream and brown, I used Kona Cotton. This is for the cake that shows between the icing and paper.
I know I don't have the finished project to show and it is because I am doing this along with each of you. I will be posting the pattern this week. So that you can start getting your stuff cut out.
Here again is the picture of the cupcake square! There are 15 cupcake squares and then 15 striped squares and these are made from the extra fabric that is used for the background blocks and icing on the cupcakes.

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