Thursday, July 29, 2010


Date: Friday October 23rd & 24th
Place: Sandy Expo Center
Time: 9-5
Reasons to attend the SEMINAR

John Deer is a renowned professional in Embroidery Designs.

Taught by experienced embroidery professional Steven Batts

You will receive amazing knowledge on Embroidery Software, Digitizing, and Editing.

This is what you will get for only $79.00 dollars.

Two full days of Inspirational and valuable training

Lunch and snacks both days will be provided

If you sign up early you receive a DVD from Adorable Ideas

If you sign up early your name is entered to win great gifts, including a sewing machine will be given away.

This fun event will be held at the South Towne Expo center, easy and accessible with great parking.

Best of all you will laugh and be entertained.

So throw out your frustrations with machine embroidery and come join The Cotton Shop for the event of the year.

Bios on the Adorable Idea Designers:

John Deer

No, he is not the tractor man, he is known for his energetic and entertaining events, Knowing that attendees are able to reatian more information by providing a perfect mix of both education and entertainment.

John is one of North America's leading experts on digitizing and embroidery for the corporate and home marketplace is a third generation embroidery guru. With over 24 years of digitizing experience he owns and operates Adorable Ideas, providing qualtity embroidery designs and educational products.

Steven Batts:

His partner is Steven Batts and for nearly 20 years in the embroidery industry, Steven has seen and done it all. He entered the embroidery field as a technician for a major industrial machine distributor. After years of working as a manager, instructor and digitizer, he became the director of training and overseeing all apects of training from digitizing to embroidery techniques.

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