Friday, May 7, 2010

HMQ Show

It is HMQ (Home Machine Quilting Show) time. This is my first time of going and helping at this show and man is it fun. What a production this is to put this show on. The Cotton Shop has 12 booths so that tells you how much time has been put into this show. We have AWESOME sales on all machines,besides good prices there is free packages that are being given with each machine purchase. I can't believe the deals, did I mention it is AWESOME!!! Totally worth coming and seeing us.
The quilts that people have made and entered into the contest are just amazing and fun to see also.  You can even come and make something for FREE at our booth to take home. Everybody who has come to do this can't believe we are doing this for FREE!!! So grab a friend and come see us.
Check back tonight for pictures of the show!!!!

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