Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You could WIN!!!!!

Hey everybody, here we go again with another fun contest. Here is what you need to do, create, design or just make something fun or maybe you already have something you have made and are so proud of. You then are going to take pictures and send them to me Jen at I will have a team of gals that will go through these fun pictures and we will pick a winner.
What  will I win, they say? You will win a Olfa cutting set, which includes mat, rotary cutter and a ruler. Values at about $60.00 retail. Also there will be gift certificates that will be given out also.
We will post the winner and we will also do a slide show of all the great projects that were sent over. So here are the rules.
* It can be anything that has some kind of sewing involved.
*If you use fabric from The Cotton Shop this will also give you points.
Thats it one rule, so take it and run. I am so excited to see everybody's ideas.
The deadline to get your pictures over is April 5th.
Since March is National Craft month we thought it would be a great time for everybody to show off their stuff.
Here is a example of something I did that I think is so cute. All fabric used is from The Cotton Shop. Even the bows that are in her hair are from the bulk ribbon at The Cotton Shop.
So have FUN!!! HAPPY DAY!!

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